• We are the software house behind Coderblock.

    We are a highly trained and motivated team with different skills related to software development, design, UX designing and team management.

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  • We work and innovate.

    We are a self bootstrapped company, with an active revenue and an advanced technical implementation capability. The long experience in the remote working field has allowed us to draw directly from the outsourcing market to self-finance and realize our innovative product Coderblock.

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  • We introduce you to Coderblock.

    We started with the creation of virtual offices and then made our product scalable. Today, Coderblock is the platform for the automated creation of immersive B2B virtual experiences for offices, events, training and shopping.

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A group of people sharing a common goal can achieve the impossible.

Novatek S.r.l.

Founded on December 5, 2015 by Danilo Costa, Novatek s.r.l. is based in Palermo and has already active revenus thanks to product development and digital services bootstrapping activities.

These allowed it to self-finance and devote itself to the progressive evolution of the proprietary technology behind the Coderblock platform.

Team Novatek.

Behind a great project, there’s always a great team. We’re developers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers and dreamers.

Look closer
  • Danilo Costa

    Danilo Costa

    CEO & Founder

    He founded Novatek and developed Coderblock.

  • Aura Nuccio

    Aura Nuccio

    COO & Designer

    Head of Operations and Design in Coderblock.

  • Jacopo Paoletti

    Jacopo Paoletti

    Partner & Advisor

    Open-Box CMO and known Italian marketer.

  • Fabio Zecchini

    Fabio Zecchini

    Partner & Investor

    Co-Founder and CTO in Musement TUI Group.

  • Anita Likmeta

    Anita Likmeta

    Partner & PR

    Entrepreneur and journalist.

  • Eleonora Senini

    Eleonora Senini

    Head of Sales

    She runs Coderblock’s sales department.

  • Chiara Madonia

    Chiara Madonia


    Illustrator in Coderblock team.

  • Riccardo Magnesia

    Riccardo Magnesia

    3D Artist

    He creates 3D worlds and avatars.

  • Davide Trovato

    Davide Trovato

    Frontend Developer

    He realizes the features of the software manager.

  • Alfredo Di Forti

    Alfredo Di Forti

    Full Stack Developer

    He builds the logics of the virtual experiences.

  • Sara Buscemi

    Sara Buscemi

    Digital Specialist

    She manages digital communication.

  • Rossella Sorce

    Rossella Sorce

    Assistant Admin Officer

    She runs administrative department.

Our achievements.

In the years dedicated to product development, Novatek has had the chance to participate in several national and international initiatives, where it has distinguished itself for its innovative proprietary technology. In this regard, it is worth remembering: the prize won at the Techitalia Lab in London, the victory of 3 of the 6 prizes put up for grabs at the Startup Competition of the Web Marketing Festival 2019 and the Certificate of Excellence issued by Horizon 2020.

Coderblock Workspace

This is
Coderblock Workspace

Customizable virtual offices conceived as shared workspaces where you can start video calls, communicate with your team and condivisi con la possibilità di avviare videochiamate, comunicare col proprio team and optimize smart working with specific tools dedicated to productivity.

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Coderblock Summit

This is
Coderblock Summit.

Customizable virtual environments designed for the organization of virtual and hybrid events and fairs where you can give a boost to your business, increasing networking and lead generation opportunities.

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Coderblock campus

This is
Coderblock Campus.

Classrooms, university and 3D campuses dedicated to remote learning where you can plan lessons, webinars and training courses and offer involving experiences to students, teachers and speakers.

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