• We're the Software House behind Coderblock.

    We are an elite team with decades of experience related to smart working and skills related to software development, design, UX and team management.

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  • We're a full-reamote team and we work remotely.

    The role of innovators has always been to spread new ideas. We're a full-reamote team and we support remote work because it brings lots of advantages to freelancers and companies who adopt it.

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  • Let us introduce you to Coderblock.

    We have reinvented the way to collaborate remotely. Coderblock is the perfect tool to manage and organize your remote teams, working inside the first 3D virtual office, wherever you are.

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The only way to achieve the impossible, is to work together with the same goal.

Novatek S.r.l.

Founded on December 5, 2015 by Danilo Costa, Novatek s.r.l. is based in Palermo and has an active turnover thanks to the development of digital products and services for third parties. The technology behind Coderblock is totally self bootstrapped.

Novatek s.r.l. is a full-remote and high-potential company, constantly evaluating opportunities in digital solutions to learn new things all the time and to improve collaborations in smart working by reducing the time, costs and risks of traditional workflow.

Team Novatek.

Behind a great project, there is always a great team. We are developer, designer, marketers, entrepreneurs, 3D artists and dreamers.

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  • Danilo Costa

    Danilo Costa

    CEO & Founder

    He founded Novatek and developed Coderblock.

  • Aura Nuccio

    Aura Nuccio

    COO & Designer

    Head of Operations in Coderblock.

  • Jacopo Paoletti

    Jacopo Paoletti

    Partner & Advisor

    CMO in Open-Box and well-known marketer.

  • Fabio Zecchini

    Fabio Zecchini

    Partner & Investor

    Co-Founder & CTO in Musement TUI Group.

  • Alessandra Sanfilippo

    Alessandra Sanfilippo


    Customer Success Manager in Coderblock.

  • Lelio Nuccio

    Lelio Nuccio

    3D Artist

    Amazing 3D Artist in Coderblock.

  • Alessandro Buffa

    Alessandro Buffa

    2D Artist

    2D Artist & Illustrator in Coderblock.

  • Gabro Nicolosi

    Gabro Nicolosi

    Motion Designer

    The creator of our amazing videos!

  • Chiara Madonia

    Chiara Madonia


    Gorgeous Illustrator in Coderblock.

Our goals.

In the last year we have spread the voice and talked about our project around the world, achieved the first prize at the Techitalia Lab in London, won 3 of the 6 prizes at the Startup Competition of the Web Marketing Festival 2019 and obtained the Certificate of Excellence issued from Horizon 2020.

Coderblock Office

Welcome to
Coderblock Office.

A communication system redesigned in rooms within our 3D office, with the possibility of activating, in a few clicks, video conferences shared with all the participants in the room.

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Coderblock Workspace

Welcome to
Coderblock Workspace.

A groundbreaking and shared workspace where you can find many features (chat, video-meeting, task management and productivity tools) all connected to the first 3D virtual office, to simplify your daily workflow.

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Coderblock Marketplace

Welcome to
Coderblock Marketplace.

An updated database of opportunities and professionals to send and receive job offers related to people involved in digital field.

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Coderblock is now on Mamacrowd.

Coderblock is the first digital platform that optimizes remote collaborations in smart working through a 3D virtual office to offer an immersive and engaging work experience. Why you should invest in Coderblock? Find out on Mamacrowd!

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